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Why Choose Us

By choosing Endurance Fitness, you have a Personal Trainer who understands how hard it is to make a transformation, how difficult it is to balance training, work and family. We'll help you every step of the way.
Registered with REP’s (Register of Exercise Professionals) we abide with their code of ethical conduct.

Now leading by example, Shak our head persoanl trainer lives a healthy, fit and active lifestyle, he is one of the UK's leading and best. Fully qualified as Personal Training, Gym Instructor with years of experience in the industry. He's help turn around the lives of his clients for the better. He still actively takes part in a number of obstacle course races like Tough Mudder, Iron Run & Wolf Run
He's also a leading Martial Arts Instructor and still on the fight seen.


About Shak

I’ve always been interested in health and fitness since I started training in martial arts back in the 90’s. I became a transformation specialist after my own personal journey, due to my lifestyle and poor diet I gained a lot of weight and became less active and stopped training completely.
I always wanted to become fit and lean but didn't know where to start or whom to turn too. I felt lost, alone and depressed. It was not until I got back on the scales that I was ashamed of myself, I weighted just over 17.5 stone!
This gave me the motivation to get back into my martial arts training with a goal to get fit and maybe feel good again.

I began with little changes to my lifestyle that had a massive impact, its wasn’t easy at first but slowly I became more active, I started walking and jogging once a week, I reduced my food intake and set myself a goal to run the Silverstone half marathon, which was due in 6 months.
By the time of the marathon I had lost 60lbs, I felt great, I was fit and active, my training and hard work had paid off. However, I did not really understand methods of training or nutrition until I became more involved in the fitness industry

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Loads and fun so you don't notice your getting fitter and stronger, 6inches in 6weeks 👌 Simple maths, perfect outcomes

Even though it was hard work Shak makes it feel rewarding every step you make